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  1. When Flirc arrives here i will try with a samsung TV profile on my AR Xsight Touch (ARRX18G)(US)/One For All Xsight Touch (URC 8603)(worldwide):


    Right now it's working well with a basic setup for a TV 60'LG PB690V (6900 in US) and a Onkyo TX-NR636 AV receiver and a macro to change to the HTPC HDMI input.

    I just want to avoid the need of the flymouse/keyboard RF i must use right now to control Kodi in my HTPC.

    I use the powerfull software RM-IR (RemoteMaster) to config this remote (and all One For All remotes i think) it can setup each key, macros and upgrades and many more things:


    P.S.: If you like this remote i bought it from ebay.com there are good deals for brand new ARRX18G remote (oem package)...way cheaper than buying the flirc from here!

  2. Thank you very much for your explanation and for sharing your mod of generic HID plugin!

    It covers FLIRC and EG config parts....What about your universal remote config?

    Which device it will need to emulate in my Xsight Touch universal remote in order to comunicate with flirc?

    I presume that it must be different than MCE/keyboard emulation remotes, any TV remote emulation will work?

    Maybe Pronto hex codes?

    This is the last piece of the puzzle. :)

  3. Thanks for the quick reply!

    Both display will be active but only the non Kodi monitor(s) will have always the focus.

    Kodi doesn't need the focus to work properly and there are at least a couple of apps i know who are able to lock the movement of the mouse to a specific area/monitor avoiding accidental lost of focus (clicking on Kodi monitor).

    Obviously to achieve that Kodi must be in fulscreen windowed mode not real fullscreen mode if not it will always get the focus for keyboard.

    By modified generic HID you mean a profile of defined keys for EG?

    What about the FLIRC config part?

    Please share it when you come back home.

  4. Are you still on this?

    I find this a viable workaround for the multiple keyboard problem (or keyboard and remote sending keystrokes) on windows.

    I'm trying to use my HTPC in a dual monitor setup.

    Primary monitor with keyboard control and always on focus and secondary with Kodi in fake fullscreen (borderless windowed) controlled via JSON-RPC (actually via tablet/phone app yatse).

    I plan to have a better control of Kodi using a real remote this way:

    Xsight Touch remote>Flirc>Generic HID Plugin(EG input)>XBMC2 plugin (JSON-RPC Mode)(EG output)>Kodi

    Did you achieved success in this?


    I can understand the theory but i would like to see an implementation of this before buying Flirc.

    Here in Spain with package tracking Flirc could cost +50 euros (+65 US$).

    Can you please share your expertise? :)

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