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  1. Hi boristheblade,

    Welcome to the forums. I think at the moment the XBMC preset is to get people started as Jason is working hard on features (wake from sleep and other nifty functions) so hasn't made a comprehensive preset for XBMC (yet).

    I've been led to believe that "[" and "]" (i.e. open square bracket and close square bracket), are the shortcut for next and previous chapter (http://forum.xbmc.or...7&postcount=151)

    I think you can just flip to keyboard preset and just program those two keys (without having to re-do the rest).

    Do you mind giving it a quick test and reporting back?

    Also, how are you finding FLIRC in general?



    (p.s. I liked the thread you started about CES on forum.xbmc.org - threw up some interesting stuff.)

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I'll give the keyboard setup a try.

    I really like the Flirc. I have been wanting something like this for a while. I feel it gives us more control of our HTPC's.

    Thanks, hearing about new stuff at CES is something i always enjoy.

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