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  1. I don't think the problem was on the mac - the mac flirc app worked fine; it's the linux flirc app that didn't; and on the linux box that the first time i plugged it in, it oopsed. After that reboot and initial test I unplugged it, plugged it back into the mac to program some additional buttons, and plugged it back into the linux box, it was fine. As this is probably my stable configuration now, that's probably it. And yes, I settled on the Samsung TV profile in an early post on this thread, as it turned out it didn't interfere with the other samsung kit actually here, and it seems to be working a treat. All buttons received by flirc. So even with the hiccups, of course, it's settled to a hopefully final configuration within um, two and a half hours, which is still a huge win compared to all the other remote/receivers i tried, which took a day or so of sustained effort for at best partial rewards. Summary of issues: that first plug-in into a linux box that's never seen it before. In this case running ubuntu precise 12.04 64-bit; but can't rule out the error was in mobo usb controller. flirc linux programmer doesn't recognise the device when definitely operational on same machine. (and seeing all those commands and no window, tell me it does actually have a gui, doesn't it? Didn't I see somewhere it's a QT app?)
  2. ok, using profile for SAMSUNG LN46C650L1F - doesn't seem to be listened-to by my samsung av receiver - Got it working. Seems to receive all the button presses. Some niggles: after programming it on my mac i plugged it into my linux xbmc box, and it didn't seem to be working. plugged it back into my mac; working. further investigation showed a kernel oops logged in dmesg when the flirc was plugged in. rebooted, then it seemed to work. unwelcome for something that's supposed to be presenting as a keyboard. Because of that, wanted to do future programming on that linux box, installed flirc from deb repository (system is ubuntu precise 12.04 64-bit), but it doesn't recognise that the flirc is connected. even as it's there, working, receiving and processing button-presses on my remote, flirc app thinks it's not there. literally, using arrow keys on remote to go back the bash history to the flirc command, and pressing ok to enter it, flirc thinks there's no flirc there with "Warning: cannot open USB deviceFlirc Version 1.0.2 [a3bbc3e70a32c4f2] Device Disconnected" (then help output) I note the linux app is lagging the mac app by a few minor versions.
  3. ... several remotes later... has anyone got a known remote config I can select for harmony 300 that: a: can program all the buttons (has enough codes) b: that flirc will actually *receive* all of those buttons and that isn't panasonic, samsung, eyetv, plex. also not sky, hauppauge and lg (all three of which failed on point b: above)
  4. as skyplus sky hd+box it sends a code for "info" that flirc doesn't see... looking for something else not panasonic or samsung... it seems to need a specific product code to go by...
  5. My flirc just arrived. Rather typically for all the recommendations in this thread, I have a Panasonic TV, a Samsung AV receiver and EyeTV running on an adjacent Mac (which I know from bitter experience will respond to a Plex remote's codes). So I probably can't use any of those recommendations. Trying the SkyBox...
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