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  1. Guys - I'm experiencing the same. I'm using an Xtreamer IR remote to a ASUSTOR NAS and play on its XBMC. I've replaced my USB extension cable and tried the front USB port of the NAS (where there's no extension cable) but random key presses still happening. After a few tries I've found that the flirc receiver appears to be sensitive to the T2 fluorescent tubes I've installed for my living room. I switched the fluorescent off and the random keypress is gone. If I switch on the fluorescent again then the random keys press starts again. The fluorescent tubes are not directly shining to the remote it hits the walls/ceiling and reflect the lights. When the problem happens it's likely to be continuously hitting the top/right direction buttons.


    My config:

    Sleep Detection off

    Noise Canceller on

    Built-in Profile off

    Interkey delay 3

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