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  1. manually add the file?


    I pushed an updated gui, the firmware is embedded in the GUI. Go to file->advanced. Hit force firmware upgrade.


    That should get you on the latest.

    Also, the commandline utility has some tools to help identify noise.


    flirc_util settings


    that will print out all the keys, any duplicates are sources of noise. I'll bring this to the GUI eventually.

    I did some more fiddling last night and discovered that there is something going on during reboots that is messing up my flirc.


    If I go to a windows PC and clear config, then reprogram I can plug it into my XBMC (openelec) and it will work fine, however after a reboot the GUI will automatically load in XBMC and after that everything goes down hill. 


    Is the GUI supposed to automatically load after every reboot? Any reason I can't just uninstall the GUI from my XBMC computer? 

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