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  1. Actually, adding a device to Harmony specifically for flirc XBMC would be awesome....maybe make up 100 buttons/signals?
  2. I am using the Plex profile which has 60+ possible assignements. We really want to find one that works well with flirc and has the max number possible of buttons I guess, so that people can programme as many 'additional buttons' in the harmony as they need... Actually, are you saying with the above that if you hold down keys you get repeats? I.e. you can scroll a long list of movies by just hoding the down arrow? I thought flirc didn't support key repeats yet?
  3. Yep I have tried using the Plex approach and it's very easy - gives 60 buttons or so to program in all, covers ALL the Hamrony 650 hard keys and several pages of programmables. I am 90% there now, just need repeats to start working (needs firmware upgrade I think) and to do a little keymap.xml mapping to change some of the slightly off xbmc behaviours that vary illogically between music/video for example...and we should be gold.
  4. You just need to choose basically ANY remote profile that has enough buttons in total, and then to check in the Harmony software (in 'customize buttons' for your activity) that each button is actually assigned to send something out. Doesn't matter at all WHAT it is sending, as you'll program the final action response in flirc. I used Plex and the easiest way is to make a 'generic utility' action in the Harmony and then manually assign each button in the harmony software to a plex action....one by one starting from the top so you can easily keep track of which ones you haave use/haven't. When you get to the end of the standard buttons you should still have plenty left for assigning to the additional programmable buttons. The Plex profile has 60 odd buttons to map, which should be enough really, and seems to respond well with the flirc and Openelec 1.0.2 (with the exception of key repeats but I believe that is coming soon in firmware update, right Jason?)
  5. Yes 60 buttons should probably be just about enough. And you don't get those errors using the Plex in harmony set up?
  6. The major problem with using the other profiles (MCE/Plex etc) is the limit on the number of keys and the hassle of not having easy to understand 1:1 mapping. In particular, if you use a Plex/MCE remote mimic in your Harmony, and you want to program the 'extra' harmony buttons at the top of the harmony remotes, which you can have an unlimited number of for doing all sorts of fancy things - you have to map each of these to some MCE remote button first and then program that in remote.xml to do what you want .... and pretty soon your run out of available remote buttons. Far easier just to do a direct 1:1 mapping - set your Harmony up as a keyboard, then look at the list of keyboard commands in XBMC. Program each letter in the flirc software to be that button on the remote. Then you know your remote is sending 'P' for play, for example. And you can easily then use ALL keys, with modifiers etc....lots of buttons to play with. I don't have (or want) any keyboard attached. I will give the sensitivity settings a try and see if that helps. (My RC6 receivers already do just fine with the remote set to MCE remote mode so I don't really need the flirc to help me with that). Jason - good support for this would make your product a lot more flexible again and I am happy to help with any testing etc required. Can flirc be started from the command line with some debugging output then?
  7. Just got my two flircs and having my first play tonight. I am using a Harmony 650 with the device set to MCE keyboard. I want to do this as I want maximum flexibility to map as many things as possible. XBMC install is Openelec 1.0.2 I am also using the full keyboard mode in flirc. I am getting a lot of 'Button already exists' errors as I try and record my remote. A by a lot - I mean, basically every button I push. Meaning I pretty much can't record anything. (Of course I know I can use plex/boxee mode with the Harmony but this defeats the whole purpose of the flirc for me). I have tried just the 'minimalist' profile to record the arrows and enter - can't even get through that. It would seem the flirc needs to have finer grained distinction between the signals - Jason - any help??
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