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  1. I like the concept of keeping the Flirc simple and true to an IR-USB input device, without requiring additional software beyond initial setup. In fact I LOVE that aspect of it.

    However there are certainly applications for having multiple profiles. For example, I mostly use Plex on my HTPC, which I have mapped through Flirc to be controlled with my TV remote. Occasionally I'll use Media Center for Netflix duties however, and this uses a completely different set of keyboard shortcuts than Plex. For example, the pause button on Plex is space bar, but for Media Center it's Ctrl+P. Thus I cannot use the same remote for both apps without profile switching.

    The workaround as far as I can tell is to use another remote, or setup another profile on a Harmony remote, and program the additional Media Center buttons to this remote/profile. Of course during playback you have to remember to use the right remote/profile for the particular app you're in; a task a computer is better suited to handle in the first place IMO.

    If you're looking for an example in the human interface device space, Logitech supports automatic profile switching for their G-series mice and keyboards. They store these profiles on the mouse/keyboard itself, and utilize pre-installed Logitech software to tell the device which profile to use at any particular time. Definitely a bit more complex, but extremely powerful at the same time.

  2. You have to know the quality of any Netflix plugin for XBMC\ Plex can't compare to the Netflix developed addon for WMC.

    BTW: I did figure out how to launch directly into Netflix so all is good now.

    Please do share how you managed to get directly yo Netflix in WMC

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