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  1. Hey Yesterday, I update my Ouya to XBMC on Ouya through the store. I see that the key mapping changed and I can used it with my Logitech Harmony. Now I can use the back button and info button to see more info about the movie. I didn't have to change anything. My setup: - Ouya with flirc (install latest flirc fw) - Logitech Harmony Smart (included Flirc Manufacturer: flirc, Model: XBMC) - Install XBMC on Ouya and install 'Boot' app to make sure XBMX on Ouya is selected so that it's started when Ouya start up Now I can use everything. With my previous version, I use XBMC from the website, but the keymaps where mixed up and back button didn't work...
  2. Maybe in the next issue of xbmc, it will be fixed. See this topic on xbmc http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=158874&page=4
  3. Hey, is there an easy way to add the file to data folder in ouya? I don't have permission to go to data folder. Do you always need supersu? How do you install that? My harmony remote works ok, but only the buttons back, home and info doesn't work. Maybe remapping keys in xbmc for ouya is an option?
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