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  1. Ok I got my keypad working with the letters very good tweak took me sometime to figure out where to add the content and find the folder also eheheh

    Now I need to correct the arrows issue. I tested last night and it seems that the problem is related to the remote I mapped he can only make only step. I have to find another remote which doesn't have this problem and sends the information while you hold the key.

  2. Does the remote you're using have a keypad?

    If so you can set up XBMC so that it interprets numbers as though they are SMS type letters.


    2 = abc

    3 = def

    4 = ghi

    5 = jkl

    6 = mno

    7 = pqrs

    8 = tuv

    9 = wxyz

    So to go to the start of the H's in your Movie list press 4 twice

    If you see my post (14) in it explains a bit about how to do it.

    Yes it does have a keyboard just like you mentioned similar to the mobile phones. I will have a look that is even better. Just a question I tried that using a regular keyboard pressing the letter keys and it doesn't provide that shortcut. Is it something new in XBMC not sure which version I have installed currently or is it something on XBMC for quite sometime?

  3. Hi everyone,

    This is my first post here so be gentle :)

    I bought a flirc receiver 4 or 5 months ago. In general its working fine I can do what I need via the remote control without the need of the keyboard.

    First let me explain what HW and SW I'm using.

    - Acer Revo as media center player (media shared via network from my desktop)

    - XBMC installed on the Revo Windows version over Win 7 Starter

    - Universal Philips Prestigo SRT8215 remote control with TV, IPTV box and DVD player pre configured

    The Revo doesn't have any remote only the wireless keyboard and mouse.

    Now I will explain how I configured everything (it was a while ago so I don't remember every detail):

    - Installed and Plugged the USB flirc SW/receiver

    - Since I didn't have a remote for the Revo I decided to use the DVD player which was configured on the Prestigo. Note that this remote was configured manually since the DVD player didn't exist on the Philips database

    - Selected the XBMC pre configuration on the flirc SW and adapted some of the keys to the tasks I wanted, left the main ones intact.

    Now the problem:

    Since the load of movies is increasing I decided to try and solve my problem, up until now I've been leaving with it but it becomes very annoying having to press the arrow keys repidately to pass to the next/previous movie.

    Not sure if I'm making myself clear but in other words, when I use the original keyboard from the revo if I leave one of arrow keys pressed the browsing through movies continues basically I do not have to press the arrow key for each movie. Using the Prestigo this doesn't happen when I press and hold one of the arrow keys he only browses to the next movie nothing else so basically if I want to go a movie which starts with "L" I have to press and press and press.... to reach my movie.

    How can I solve this problem?

    Is it a problem of the DVD player remote I configured? Since it wasn't in the database may have some limitations

    Is it related to any configuration on the flirc SW?

    Thanks in advance for any support.

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