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  1. I am on the latest alpha and the learning function has been very responsive and I am not seeing any hitching or lagging in the app. It seems to be pretty responsive. Few things that could be worked on: It would be nice to have a resizable custom button option to accommodate larger remotes. There is a power on and a power off button, but a power toggle would be a fantastic addition to the button option for remote design. When updating one of the installed devices, it seems to trash prior button combo configs and it would be nice to have them persist. I know the function is still in alpha, it would be nice to have a way to submit learned remotes for db review directly in app. Over all I am quite happy with the functionality and am quite excited to see the future updates. Also, I have attached the json files from the the remotes I had the Skip learn. Ultimea - Poseidon D60.json Vizio - XRT140L (2020).json
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