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  1. Hi, I already get it that the A, B, and C buttons have no influence on control state, and that they only remap all the other buttons of the remote (so they are more "modes" than "activities"). But I'm a bit confused with the behavior of the power button: When setting up an activity, I can define explicit "Power Up" and "Power Down" sequences of steps. Most of my devices have a power toggle button (versus discrete power state codes), so it is very important for me that the power up/down state of the remote matches the real state of the devices (otherwise devices will end up out of power sync state with the remote state). How can I figure out from the remote interface if the remote assumes it is on the "up" or "down" state (and consequently if the behavior of pressing the power button should be to trigger the "power down" or "power up" action)? If there's no way, is there any way for me to force an explicit action irrespective of the power state according to the remote, for example, always trigger the "power up" action on a short press and the "power down" action on a long press?
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