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  1. Just to clarify: You should have added a new device to your Harmony Remote configuration (using the Harmony Software or the myharmony.com website) . This device would be identified in Harmony by having a manufacturer of "Flirc" and a device/model of "XBMC". We'll refer to this as the device "XBMC Device". Then you should have created an activity that uses the "XBMC Device". We'll refer to this as "XBMC Activity". The beta firmware for the Flirc device itself is preprogrammed to respond to the "XBMC Device" and send the appropriate key presses to the XBMC software. You should not have to use the Flirc software to program any keys. You may want to clear/reset the Flirc itself and redo all this just to be sure. So now when you start the "XBMC Activity", or directly select tthe device "XBMC Device", you should then be able to control the XBMC software. So to confirm: you've done all of that and it's still not working? Does the Harmony One indicate that it is sending an IR signal when you press the buttons (there should be a little radio-wave type icon that appears in the upper left next to the battery indicator whenever it sends a signal)?
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