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  1. Hi, I've been playing with this a bit, using the Panasonic TV as a device. Has anyone else noticed that it sends a power toggle rather than a power on or off? It seems like that's happening for me. For anyone else doing this, I recommend using a spreadsheet to keep track of your changes as you program it, because it can get confusing. I made one with 5 columns: 1. The actual button on the Harmony remote 2. The command sent to the nonexistent Panasonic or Samsung TV, or a device you have 3. The command executed by Flirc or other device 4. The result of the command, as in, what is accomplished by the button press 5. Whether the command is the default for the software or not, and what the default was if it's not (helps keep track of changes I may have to make) In column 3 for instance, many of the entries will be keyboard keys "pressed" by Flirc, but things like volume and mute target the receiver and are labeled as such.
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