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  1. Another tip for starting applications from a windows desktop with the remote, is to place all programs in the task bar next to start menu button. Then you program your remote to start programs with the command "Windows key + 1" for the first program, "Windows key + 2" for the next program. Program no.1 is always the program next to the start menu. Requires Windows 7
  2. I did receive my Flirc some days ago, and was able to test it yesterday. Working great, but I havn't had time to set it up the way I want yet. But what I have tested, is working perfectly :)
  3. Thanks for the reply. I see that several other remotes from Onkyo should work, so I give it at shot and order one flirc right now :D The remote should be a standard i/r remote as far as I have understand.
  4. Hi I am considering buying a Flirc for my media center but wonder if it will work with my remote. Thought to use the remote controller from my Onkyo TX-NR809 surround receiver. I have checked the list of supported remote controls, and my remote RC-810M is not mentioned, but the RC-710M are listed. Do you think it will work? I do not know the difference between the RC-810M and RC-710M, other than the layout is different.
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