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  1. HI Guys im new here :) i have conf my Flirc , works pretty nice , now i have create sleep / awake ..... the part how goes sleep works, but awake works not;( , whois my error :( i have try this step if you want to make your PC SLEEP/WAKE using a button on your remote, this is easy,,, first disable the hibernate feature on your PC 1. type CMD in Start menu search box area and then hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter 2. try/type either of these 2 commands here and then hit enter: powercfg /hibernate off or powercfg -h off 3. hibernate should be OFF now.. but he say i have no acces for change , i dont no is important or not .. my problem is only awake ;) need help many thx i know my english is crap i hope u have all understanding :) greetz EDIT works now all ;)
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