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  1. As of this morning, neither flircs will hold a program on either my W7 x64 box or my XP netbook. I have tried reloading firmware v.1 multiple times, re-installing gui v09.6 and doing multiple clear data. I have tried 3 or 4 different remotes also. This is all so erratic I have no idea where to begin trying to diagnose the issues. Testing is being done on both PCs (windows explorer) on W7x64 XBMC, and a RaspberryPi running Raspbmc. They all show the same results. Is it a logical assumption that after programming a keystroke to a button on a remote, I should not be able to program the same keystroke to the same button without getting a "redo" message everytime? AFAIK this is true and is what leads me to believe they are not taking a true program from the gui. Saving and loading configuration files do nothing. Last night, with what I thought was a "working" flirc I experienced something I can flat out not explain. When using the D-Pad and channel up and down arrows that are programmed to control the flirc (using a panasonic tv profile on my URC-R50 universal remote), it would change the inputs of my yamaha AVR. The best part is that the yamaha is not even programmed on any other input on the URC-R50 remote. This morning, the yamaha is not effected at all. So weird! At this point I am about to give up and send back the flircs. I am beyond stressed and have wasted countless hours trying to get these guys working. As always, I am open to suggestions.
  2. ASUS M4A88T-V EVO/USB3 AM3 AMD 880G USB 3.0 HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Phenom II X4 925 Deneb 2.8GHz Socket AM3 95W Quad-Core Processor HDX925WFGMBOX G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Desktop Memory Model F3-10666CL9D- Windows 7 x64 Service Pack 1
  3. 1. After I program i would save the config file and close the gui. 2. If i do all the programming on the netbook it works fine when plugged into windows 7 x64 box. It also works fine on a Raspberry Pi. It seems as if it just doesn't truly get programmed from the W7x64 box. 3. Both of my flircs show the same behavior. That's what leads me to believe it's a drivers/usb issue. At this point I can use the netbook work around. In theory after programming I should be scott free. That being said, it is a pain and my inquisitive mind wants to solve the problem. Thanks
  4. Ser Chris, A day away has helped my nerves... That being said I have been lead to believe it has something to do with a USB conflict or driver issue on my Windows 7 x64 box. If I have do the procedure you asked (same as I was trying, thanks for confirming I'm not crazy) when flirc is re-inserted to the computer it has no commands saved. I can program the arrows and enter and use them in explorer but they quit after a random set of time. Sometimes it's 30 seconds sometimes its 5 minutes. I am using a universal remote URC-r50, i have it set to a Panasonic tv profile. After reading some other issues deep in the forum I tried programming the device on an old Windows Xp Netbook. I would state that I am having "success" with that. The PITA about having to use the netbook is the resolution, 1024x600, isnt enough to see the entire gui and it's too slow to realistically test in xbmc so I have to switch between computers constantly. Not really an absolute deal breaker but still, not so fun. I appreciate the support you have provided, and will continue to provide. I hope we can get this little guy working on my main rig. I actually have 2 flircs and have plans to get at least 3 more. You know us Americans, it's a tv and xbmc that makes it a room, not a door and a purpose.
  5. Flirc constantly connects/disconnects during setup Flirc states "no more space for new buttons" - after clearing configuration Flirc states "button already exists" -after clearing configuration Flirc GUI randomly crashes during programing Flirc GUI won't recognize remote control(s) during programing Take your pick for where the problems start/stop. I was so excited to get the hardware to complete my XBMC experience on an HTPC and RPi. After 2 hours of frustration I want to "office space" the 2 flircs I waited over a week to receive. I have tried running multiple combinations of firmware v1 and v256 (latest beta) and gui version 0.9.6 and 1.0.0-beta. I even went as far installing on a seperate W7 and everything crashed. Flirc XBMC Add-on states its not connected. Basically I'm at the point that if i watch Chris get one working in under a minute one more time, I'm going to go batty. Suggestions would be nice. Thank you in advance.
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