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  1. Don't really have time to test it out. But it worked for over a week. Why would it lack power all of a sudden?
  2. "(Skip chapter forwards = "]" and back is "[")" For some reason it's vice versa. [ is forward, ] is back but not the chapter, just moves video playback +10 (or so) sec. And yesterday I've encountered another issue. My Flirc just stooped working all of a sudden. For no obvious reason. I had to reprogram it late at night. Restarted my RPi, and after a couple of minutes it did the very same thing, just stopped recognizing signals from my remote. Didn't bother to test it again. I'm kind of disappointed. It's hard to program, I literally have to assign buttons a few times to get them to map properly and sometime Flirc assigns (o_0) buttons for itself. I have to admit, it's kind of confusing.
  3. Received my Flirc a couple of days ago. At first I had troubles assigning keys, switched from .96 to .95 version. But had issues. Then I saved one config and when tried to restore it, my Flirc stopped responding. I had to use my old PC with Win XP, attached Flirc, it appeared only for a second. I tried to catch that moment and clear the config, then moved to Win 7 and it worked. Sometimes I have to assigned keys a few times in a row. The product is untested and that's a fact. Hope you guys will work out some kind of solution. Also mute button for XBMC doesn't work, as well as power button. No skip chapter button and I had to assign C key for context. menu.
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