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  1. They include various features, including large grouping of bills and trust accounting and reports, along with other invoice and billing capabilities. Larger law firms might require an extensive software package to include scheduling of cases, references to legal research , and document management. Medical Billing Software In contrast to what one might think, medical billing software doesn't use hourly-based billing, but instead depends upon Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes which are unique code for medical billing. When a doctor sends his invoices as a payment request to an insurance provider, the company look into CPT codes, and if they are found to be valid CPT codes, then accept or deny them, or lower them in order to accommodate their fees schedule. Inventory-Based Billing The software is of many applications, mostly for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers who are billed when they sell inventory. The cost of inventory determines the quantity of bills generated by the program. This program has to manage a variety of prices such as specific prices and varying prices, or the system may use an amount of markup to bill. In some cases, the system may utilize a markup amount that is higher than what the item is worth.
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