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  1. Equipment is as above.  I purchased this because it said I could just plug it in out of the box and it would work if I had a Harmony.

    I have a new Harmony 650.  Works great for my TV and STB.

    Have a working Kodi setup with Libreelec 9.2.6.  Kodi box which is a Pi works fine with a networked remote.  Unfortunately, the 655 only supports IR so I bought the FLIRC.  Updated firmware on FLIRC with the Windows app.  Synced the remote. 

    Using the logitech app, I add the FLIRC KODI as a device.  Shows up as Flirc Media Player [Flirc Kodi].  TV is already added.  Those are the only 2 devices.  Added a new activity to the remote with only the TV and KODI devices.

    Plugged in FLIRC into USB port visible from my remote.  Booted Kodi.  Pointed at kodi IR an d TV.  The TV changed to HDMI 3 (perfect) but the remote doesn't do anything to Kodi, not the arrow keys, not anything.  In fact, it seems that the Logitech is controlling the TV depending on the buttons I push.

    I read the installation instructions, and it says if you have a Logitech, no need to assign buttons in the Windows app.

    So what am I doing wrong?

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