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  1. I recently built a computer (Windows 10) in a Streacom FC9 Alpha case, and purchased and installed the Flirc SE module to the case and motherboard, as instructed. There doesn't seem to be any clear instructions beyond this point as to how to power the PC on and off (from S4/S5 states). Here are the actions I've taken thus far: Configured my Asus motherboard to allow power on from USB, S4/S5 states Installed and downloaded the Flirc Windows app Added the Flirc device in the Harmony Control iOS app following these instructions Lastly, I'm using a Logitech Harmony Hub and companion iOS app to fire IR commands to the IR receiver built into the Streacom case. Not sure how to proceed to: Configure Harmony to fire an on/off signal Have the Flirc receiver in the case receive this signal and interpret as power on/off (Later I plan to link the Harmony device to an Alexa routine, but I'm not there yet.) There are a lot of forum threads out there on this and I've read several, but I can't seem to find anything on those last two bullet points there (the most important ones). Here are the full specifications for my computer. Thanks in advance!
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