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  1. For completeness, I will respond to my own post. I went ahead and bought a Flirc USB receiver this weekend and just tested it. It works great and now the Menu button works with Fire TV. So, it appears that the IR hardware actually makes a difference. I will buy another one shortly. Thanks for creating this device!
  2. New user here and apologies if this has already been asked. My situation is that I actually DON'T have a Flirc USB dongle as I just discovered these existed yesterday. What I do have is a new FireTV cube, a gen 1 FireTV box, a Harmony 665 and a Harmony 650. Both of the FireTV's currently have an IR USB adapter plugged in that came with some old Media Center remotes I bought some years ago. My experience has been that I've been able to get the Harmony remotes to work with the FireTV pretty well by adding an ORTek Media Player device with the exception of never having been able to get the FireTV "menu" button to work. I've tried a bunch of other devices in the Harmony app and have never found anything that seems to make this button work correctly including adding the Flirc FireTV device. I really want the menu button to work as it kind of defeats the purpose of a universal remote if I still need the FireTV remote for one button. My question is whether the actual hardware device (the IR USB compnent) actually matters here and if this will all just work perfectly if I get the actual Flirc USB device. If so, I will buy two today. It did not make sense to me initially that the IR hardware would matter since the FireTV seemed to be happy recognizing the devices I already have but perhaps it does. Like I said, I really don't mind buying replacement hardware but I'd also like to know that it will fix the issue and would love to have some idea as to why it matters if you can share. Thanks much in advance! The level of support you provide your customers here is really inspiring.
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