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  1. Dear all I have the same wish to add Netflix and perhaps the propper back button on my harmony companion (with Hub). But I have no clue how I can add, change or even touch the great config file that was posted here, many thnaks for that, much apprciated!!! So I assume that you need some addtional app in order to touch and define your own command lines in the GUI right? I am not an IT person at all. Thats why I have these questions. I would like to learn if possible. Can someone guide me through here? But I have a problem since a few days. The direction button sends a command twice. So it jumps two steps instead of one step. I have delete the config file a installed again. But nothing happend. Can someone imagine why this is the case. Same with up and down. Press once it jumps two steps. I checked with other devices and everything works fine. Happens only in combination between Flirc and the Sunrise UHD Box. Many thanks in advance for anyone who can help me with the above topics. Nabil
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