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  1. Installed firmware v4.4.2. This is working now. The bug is only in the latest firmware.
  2. Were you able to find anything on this?
  3. I just bought the Flirc and am trying to use flirc_util.exe send_ir_raw and it does not seem to be transmitting. Flirc can receive my TV remote key presses and the mapping is working perfectly, but when I try to transmit the codes back nothing happens. My phone camera can see the TV remote flash but not the Flirc. I also have a Pi set up with an IR receiver and transmitter. The Pi can see my TV remote transmit but not the Flirc transmission even if the devices are pointed directly at each other a few inches away. The software I am running is 3.22.4 and the firmware is 4.6.3. I am on Windows 10. I'm not sure if it matters if I have the GUI open or not while I do this so I tried it both ways. I'm getting errors in the debug in the GUI. The command I am running is flirc_util.exe send_ir_raw 0,9012,4424,592,491,588,491,592,1607,588,491,592,486,592,491,587,491,592,487,592,1607,588,1608,591,491,588,1607,592,1607,592,1602,592,1607,592,1607,591,487,591,1608,587,491,592,490,588,491,587,491,592,486,592,490,588,1607,592,491,587,1607,592,1607,592,1603,592,1607,592,1607,592,1602,592 Errors in the GUI: Wed May 8 2019 21:42:21 Flirc GUI Version v3.22.4 Operating System: Windows *** Device Disconnected *** *** Device Connected *** Firmware Version: v4.6.3 SKU: Flirc 2.0 [dori] Git Hash: 0x93a109d3 <3>ir_transmit_push(131): invalid timer value: 0 <3>ir_transmit_push(131): invalid timer value: 0 Errors on the command line (these errors aren't there when the GUI is closed): [E] lib/libtransport/hid.c hid_recv_packet(167): hid_recv_packet: wrong report id [E] lib/libtransport/hid.c hid_recv_packet(168): hidapi: The parameter is incorrect. [E] lib/libtransport/transport.c _recv_packet(126): _recv_packet: recv packet error = -1 [E] lib/libtransport/transport.c _dev_send_cmd(208): recv timeout [E] lib/libflirc/firmware/fw_4.2.c _fl_transmit_raw(69): error sending data, ceck device log [E] util/flirc_util/src/ir_transmit.c send_ir_raw(85): error sending IR pattern Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there something different I should try? Thank you
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