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  1. Thanks for the reply. Do you know where I could get a simple three button remote which would be compatible. I don't want to confuse the users with more than three buttons for this particular job. Thanks again, really enjoying using Flirc! :)
  2. Found this lovely shiny remote control in a drawer. After much Googlerising I discover it's a Schneider Electric GU6000RC1R. Anyway... it works in the sense Flirc sees the remote control messages. But although the log is updated each time button A is pressed, Flirc only triggers it's recorded key now and again. It's as if the remote is sending different messages even though you're pressing the same button... does that make sense? Would really like to get this remote to work as I need a three button remote for my project and this is perfect. It for some reason it won't work with Flirc. Can someone point me in the direction of a simply three button IR controller that does work? Attached is my log... and also a pic of the remote to show you how shiny it is... brushed aluminium too - oooooh Moose. my_flirc_log2.txt
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