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  1. On 3/3/2018 at 11:11 AM, jainpankaj said:


    I am on the same boat, have got Harmony Ultimate, Fire TV Gen1 and FLIRC on firmware 4.12. I cant get the long press home button working. if I double click I get a help screen on long press. But long press just keep sending the home key repeatedly.

    Have we got a solution or we are still without a solution.



    See my post today that shows how to do this with a 650. Not sure if it'll work with an Ultimate, but worth a go?

  2. Apologies if this has been covered before but I searched the forums and couldn't find clear instructions on how to get the Harmony 650 to replicate the long Home button press used on the original remote to access the pop-up menu on the Amazon Fire TV (1st Gen).

    After much trial and error I finally manged to do this and thought I'd share the process to help anyone else may want to get this working. Here goes...

    I attached a standard keyboard to the Fire TV's USB port and discovered that a combination of Left Windows key+Left Alt key+Enter key would activate the pop-up menu.
    I then attached the Flirc to the Fire TV's USB port and used the Full Keyboard Controller configuration to map these keys to a key on an 'old' remote I no longer use. I tested this using the 'old' remote by holding down the 'mapped' button and it activated the pop-up menu.
    I then used this key on the 'old' remote to map the the command to "Long Home Press" in the Flirc Media Player on the 650.
    However, selecting the Long Home Press on the 650 just behaved like the Home button!
    In order to get this "Long Home Press" to work I had to go into the Flirc Media Player's Power settings and enter the "Long Home Press" as the power on/off command with a duration of 2secs.
    I then selected the Long Home Press again in the Flirc Media Player on the 650 again, and it successfully activated the pop-up menu.
    I hope anyone trying to configure the 650 to enable the pop-up menu on the Amazon Fire TV 1st Gen finds this useful.


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