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  1. Spiffy mod-there. Then I came across with this, NavoLabs Raspberry Pi 3+ micro POE Hat: https://navolabs.com/product/raspberry-pi-3-micro-poe-hat/ YouTube-video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5x3nvhQF_0 By the looks of it, it just might fit into Flirc-case?
  2. Hello, first of all, it's 2018, and there's a forum, accounts, account-creation on plain, unsecure http, maybe that's something to be fixed, or not... The main reason for my account-creation was to ask about my Flirc favourite doohickey, is there plans for making a Kodi-case for Raspberry Pi 3B+ and with possible separate version for the coming Raspberry Pi 3B+ with PoE-hat, yes the official Poe-hat includes a small fan and therefore most likely ruins the dream of silent operating RPi with no moving, eventually failing parts. Maybe the fan could be removed should Flirc's aluminium-cooling design proove sufficient enough? But that's my second question!
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