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  1. alt+esc or win+esc combination can be record . thats not the problem . i try this combenation and thats doesnt work while using kodi. the problem is to find out what the home in the multimedia keybord and teach the unit. edit by searching the web i found out that the require operation is by the combination fn+F7 (SCAN CODE 165) . on android home key should do this combnation instead of alt+esc. Next version shoud include in full keybord mode the abilty to teach the unit the combination of fn+ key meanwhile how i set this function into flirc?
  2. yawor thanks for the answer, perhaps i misunderstand. by conecting usb keybords all the keys in the keybord work and shortcut keys work(alt+esc,win+esc) .they work on every screen except kodi. the problem is that alot of time kodi stack on exit so i usualy need to force the exit in order to get to the home screen. i have 2 set of keybords .one of them contain 2 kinds of home key. by contecting the one with the 2 keys of home with usb and pressing home key one of them do nothing (on both keybord) and the other one do the desire operation and send you back to the android home screen( this operation sign on sevral toolbar by like an envelope/home icon). i cant tech the flirc unit to do this key because it exit the flirc program and doesnt learn this key (while opening a new browser window on windows - i did try this shortcut combination but it didnt work). so supporting android should be with learning key that goes out to home screen even in kodi (diffrence from the alt+esc combination)
  3. i already try that and that didnt work. i also try windows+esc and it dosnt work. when you try it on kodi that set of keys doesnt work and you stay on kodi main menu. the key set operation i mean is sign by an icon simoler to an envelope on my android taskbar. digging up i found that their is 2 kind of home bottem. on one of my 2 keybords i found that one of them do require operation but i cant teach flirc because when i try to teach the flirc unit it does the require operation and exit the flirc program back to windows main menu without study.
  4. need to add android menu keys support. the arrow keys work and so the ok\enter after config it to kodi but the android home key is nessery if the app stack and doesnt respond .
  5. i need help with converting keybord key set scan code into the flirc. i try to search the answer on the internet ,but i didnt find it. by searching the web i found out that the require operation is by the combination fn+F7 (SCAN CODE 165) . on android that should do the home key combnation better then alt+esc. how i attach it to flirc?
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