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  1. would it be better to use an old GUI firmware and FLIRC firmware? How would I do this?
  2. Hi, I just bought a FLIRC to control my Raspberry Pi 2 running Kodi. I'm setting up my universal remote ( a pretty simple philips universal remote) on Windows 10. I have FLIRC gui version 1.4.1. Every time I open up the GUI to pair my remote with FLIRC, i have problems. There are always buttons that will not pair with the right executions. I can "erase" a number of times and it won't help. Then I'll have buttons which will work well the first few times and then execute a different command. For examples, if I press left three times on my remote, the GUI will show that I have pressed left, right, left. This is driving me crazy. On top of that I've tried to leave an email for customer support but when i click send I get a message at the bottom which says "I am not human" implying that the email was not sent. Please help. Thanks
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