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  1. OK, finally got some time to make the required change and I'm happy to report that works as advertised :D ! I erased coding for button I wanted to change and reprogrammed it to the new one. Worked from the first attempt!
  2. Thanks a lot everyone! I'll tryit tonight... I hope :-) Well, regarding saving to file (this is what I meant by config file) I'm not sure if it saves what is inside flirc or what front-end application knows is configured.... If the first case than great! If the latter one... it would eventually save just my one, new key... Once I got my config working, I've never been so brave to test it :-)
  3. OK, to clarify: - conenct flirc to PC, lauch flirs front-end - select appropriate controller (e.g. XBMC) - click on erase button in fron-end - click on remote button I want to remove from configuration - program this button again with desired key... Regarding loosing the configuration; I know that actual setup is written to flirc, but there is no 'backup' of it on PC (e.g. file that can be used to reprogram flirc without doing all selections key by key). So I have nothing to load to front end on PC to be modified. What I was affraid is that I'll need to erase entire configuration from flirc, make new setup on PC (from scratch) and then save it to flirc... This woul dbe troublesome as I'd need figure out how my XBMC setup (slightly modified) is done and how my harmony emulation is set up for XBMC remote... But if only one key can be reprogrammend using above procedure that it is easily manageable.
  4. So, here is my issue: some time ago I made my entire setup with XBMC, flirc and Logitech Harmony One working perfectly for me. Over time I discovered, that I need to map just one more key on the remote (change existing assignment that is duplicated to one more key, that was not yet programmed). Problem is that I completely lost my original config file (during my PC crash). Is it possible to delete an reprogram just one key mapping without wiping out configuration that already exist? I do not want to start from scratch...
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