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  1. Can I also get instructions to downgrade? I'm getting some similar behavior on my harmony 700 and could help determine if this issue is affecting other remotes. I was going to assume its just how well flirc works until I came across this thread. I upgraded mine as soon as I got it so I never tried the older firmware. Thanks
  2. I've been using a harmony since kodi was xbmp (that's not a typo, it later changed to xbmc). I had it matched with an xbox IR receiver which to this day does not seem to have a match. Since moving off the xbox, I've had the harmony paired against an HP MCE receiver, buttons mapped from a corresponding remote. It's worked well but the range/accuracy was always sub par to the xbox receiver, I was hoping flirc was the answer. It's actually been more frustrating to set up than I would have expected. Since the flirc is a learning receiver, and expects you to use its own software to define keys, having a flirc harmony profile, with Commands defined that should represent concrete actions is simply not a good idea. What do the actions in the profile mean? Zoom+? is that mapped to an MCE command code? does flirc's built in profile somehow translate that into something xbmc / kodi understands? even if so, if Kodi changes its keys - now what? the profile is out of date! This is what I and many others have experienced. I believe, the best idea, is simply to have a harmony flirc profile that has commands named the same as the remote buttons - UpArrow is the UpArrow flirc command with some arbitrary remote scan/hex code. Then you go into the flirc software and record that UpArrwow command / UpArrow button with whatever you want - never requiring a flirc profile update! furthermore, it will save time for people because they won't waste time mapping and wondering why kodi / xbmc isn't responding to some commands and then having to map them again manually anyway. This essentially means that the flirc firmware and logitech profile simply have a notion of command codes that are mapped to known harmony buttons, given that a flirc does not have a remote and thus a specific set of buttons. Does this make sense?
  3. I wonder if this is the same thing I'm experiencing. I've recently purchased a flirc and have been trying to get it working to my liking. I noticed that it missed button presses on my Harmony 700, so I thought it might be the recognize every other key problem, but that's not it. I noticed that when the remote "goes to sleep" / LCD turns off, and I press a key, that one is missed. My harmony lights up immediately and I see the little icon on it showing a key was pressed but flirc ignores it. Subsequent presses work. Harmony goes to sleep, press the key - missed, again and it works from there. I tested other electronics - my tv / receiver and can see they pick up that initial key press no problem. Can I help the flirc team debug this? I'm using the latest toolbox / firmware, built in profiles and the flirc profile in the harmony software. I'm also using the latest OpenElec x86 distro - 5.0.7.
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