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  1. You prompt response is greatly appreciated! email sent to the support address.
  2. I've resorted to using a keyboard as the above issues remain unaddressed. How can I help troubleshoot the issues with these Panasonic remotes?
  3. I am continuing to have problems with the larger of the 2 remotes pictured above. After looking closer, my model number is N2QAYB 000485. I have reprogrammed the device on the Kodibuntu HTPC, a windows machine, and a macbook. I've used both firmware 3.5 and the latest beta/RC2 and have programmed from across the room, next to the device, aimed at the ceiling, aimed at the device all with the same results. The Flirc seems to program just fine but using the remote is far from stable. There is no consistent pattern (i.e. every second button press) and I'm experiencing more missed button presses than captured ones. Odd because the programming went well. It actually seems like the more buttons I press the less stable it becomes. I'm in the same room using the same remote and same tv that worked flawlessly for over a year prior to the 3.5 firmware upgrade. It seems as others are having issues with similar remotes and I'm willing to troubleshoot in any way possible. Please advise.
  4. Like Phydeaux, I've been using a Panasonic TV remote (N2QAYB 000820) without issue for ~2 years. Recently upgrading from firmware 2.2 to 3.5 has resulted in a less than desirable experience. Re-programming actually went quite well. The problems began when I went to use the device in my kodibuntu machine. Consistency has been my biggest issue with key presses sometimes working properly followed by long delays. I also had the slow scrolling issue Phydeaux mentioned but changing the interlay delay to 6 yielded better results. I am all for helping firming up the 3.x firmware by testing with this widely available/used remote so please let me know how I might be of service. That being said, an option to revert to a perfectly working 2.2 firmware would be greatly appreciated.
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