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  1. thanks. those two links help a bit. i still get some button already exists error after doing a button or two even after clearing all the buttons. suspect it's just a crappy remote especially as pressing a button sometimes seems to send the code for an earlier button e.g. pressing button 3 sometimes sends code for button 2 and button 2 sometimes sends the code for button 1.
  2. ok thanks. i'm not sure you'll be able to pick one up in radioshack as i think i've had it at least 4 years and is probably EOL'd years ago. might be easier to dig thru my stuff to see if i have a different remote. did try doing the double press thing and was able to get some of the keys working, some said already programmed and with my tests in the command shell weird things happened e.g. programmed number keys and pressed & released 3 button quickly many times and i got things like 332323232333232323232323. fiddle with the interkey delay would fix that? might just be easier to find another remote though :)
  3. it's the radioshack 15-309 http://www.digicircle.com/images/product_image/RadioShack15-309%20Slim%20Universal%20Remote%20Control.gif as i said el cheapo :) so in the gui don't use the autoprogramming bit but program each button at a time and click the button image in the gui then press the button on the remote twice. correct?
  4. I just received a flirc & installed the driver and gui and all looks good however after programming the flirc using a cheap radioshack remote my simple testing (cursor in address bar of browser) requires me to press the direction button twice to move the cursor. I only had to press each button once to program it in the gui. Is this expected behaviour with this remote or is it a bug in the flirc, is it something in the settings I can fix or am i just "holding it wrong"? thanks
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