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  1. Wow, thanks! I look forward to using this nifty product. Happy and healthy New Year to you too, Jason!
  2. I learned of this project's existence via a website focused on Amazon's Fire TV product, whose webmaster wrote a blog entry about the December 10 "fire sale" ($14.95 for the USB dongle). Unfortunately, I didn't see it until the following day, by which point the price had increased to $17.95. This was still a good discount, so I almost placed an order anyway. But then I noticed the advice on Twitter to "keep an eye out" for "periodic fire sales." The lesser sale was to continue "for all of December," so I decided to wait. If no better deal appeared by the end of the month, I figured, I'd pay the $17.95. I left the dongle in my Amazon.com cart and checked back frequently. December 31 just arrived, so I returned to Amazon to check one final time (with the intention of pulling the trigger either way). Needless to say, I was quite disappointed to discover that the "all of December" sale had ended early, with the price returning to $24.95. I remain interested in purchasing the product, so I'll continue to "keep an eye out" for a future sale. Should one arise, my suggestion is to simply provide straightforward and accurate information about what pricing to expect (and when). In this instance, had it been clear that no additional December "fire sales" were forthcoming or that the lesser sale wasn't actually locked in for the entire month, I'd have acted differently. Thanks for your time. I wish you continued success in this worthwhile endeavor.
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