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  1. At this point I'll try anything. The "home" key brings up the "My Apps" menu. I finally got the "left" key to work by deleting it and re-learning it. That's huge for me. I'm using Flircv1.4.4 with firmware v3.8 on a Windows 7 laptop. I'm wondering if I should try different IR codes. I can't imagine, though, how that could help?
  2. No luck with that. Also no response with the "left" key, and when recording I get an error message saying button has already been recorded. I erase it and replace it, but to no avail..
  3. I've installed firmware 3.8, have Flirc v1.4.4 and Windows 7. When I try to record the "home" button my browser launches, but the GUI moves on to the next key, so it seems all might be good. But when I test by pressing the home key on my IR remote it makes the FireTV bring up the "Your Apps Menu". Huhh?
  4. All of a sudden the Flirc connected to my FireTV quit responding to "Home" key presses on both of my IR remotes (a Harmony 650 and a Sony RM-VLZ620 ), . I haven't messed with anything in over a year, so I can't imagine what would have all of a sudden make this start happening. I googled the problem and see there are a lot issues with the Home key, but I never had any until now and don't know what to try to fix it? Any suggestions? Note: I just now checked and there was a FireTV update installed two days ago, so it seems that's the cause!
  5. Please add Harmony 650 to your list of remotes that have this key-repeat problem, Jason. Also, remember when you changed the button label on the FireTV profile from "app menu" to "Options"? Well, that same change needs to be made to the dialog boxes that appear when we are teaching commands to the Flirc. Also, I'm confused as to why anyone would be using the Flirc with a Harmony One or Harmony Ultimate. Don't those remotes have RF capabilities and can therefore send RF commands directly to the FireTV?
  6. You use the remote you plan on using to control the FireTV.
  7. I just got a Harmony 650. It's my first ever Harmony remote. Using the MyHarmony software I set up a Sony VCR as the dummy device to use to teach commands to the Flirc. The default inter-key delay is 100 ms, and I can set it for anything in the 0 - 1000 ms range. Are you saying that if I adjust this setting it may help with the return button repeat issue? What do you recommend for the setting? Also, there's a setting called "command repeats". The default setting is 3, but it can also be set at 2, 1, or 0. What I glean from reading the help file is that lowering the value will help with the type of problem we're experiencing. Is that true? I'm away from my system right now or I'd test these settings. On the other hand, if I weren't away from my system right now I'd probably be catching up on my TV shows instead of playing with the Flirc and the FireTV. :)
  8. It's multiple "presses". Using the FireTV stick to send RF commands directly to the FireTV, clicks are sometimes heard. It occurs with the press of any button, but usually it's only after the button has been pressed once. Thereafter each press in succession generates a single click. When I press the return key on my IR remote to send the Return command to the Flirc I usually hear multiple clicks in very rapid succession from just one press of the key, but not on the first press. Sometimes there's a slight pause between two of those clicks. Once the FireTV has been sent all the way back to the home menu, each successive press of the Return key generates a different number of clicks in rapid succession, usually too fast to count, but it seems like maybe four or five is the maximum. I just ordered a Harmony 650. Is this a fix that applies to this remote, or is it a fix that applies to the Harmony Home and Hub that communicate via RF with the FireTV.
  9. Similar issue here with three different Sony VL Series remotes. Except I get more than a double-press. This has got to be something associated with the way the Fire TV is handling the bit stream generated by the Flirc IR receiver.
  10. I'm using Sony VL series remotes. The problem with the repeated sendings of the "back" command is weird. I can actually hear a click when it's sent the second, third, etc. times. The first press of the button usually gets somewhat better results as it doesn't always send the Fire all the way back home or produce a series of clicks. But the second time it always does. I haven't determined how long I have to wait, but if I press the return button once, thereafter the second press produces multiple clicks and sends me back home no matter where I am or what I'm doing. But if I wait for a long time the effect goes away. It's a weird problem and a challenge to describe. I wish I could show it to you.
  11. As an experiment program two keys on your remote to execute "return". On the Sony VL Series remotes that I use the component light comes on for a different amount of time for each button. I can also hear a series of clicks indicating that the return command is being sent repeatedly when a button is pushed just once. The number of clicks is greater for the button that keeps the light on longer. So, as Jason said, it's an artifact of the remote itself. But it is strange that it happens with only the return command. Perhaps there's something else going on that needs to be understood.
  12. Nice work, Jason. Thanks. As far as I can tell it all works like it's supposed to. The only thing I noticed is that what you are calling the "app menu" button on your image is actually referred to as "Options" on Fire TV. This is all new to me. I just got a Fire TV for Xmas and was surprised to learn that I can't teach the commands to my universal remotes because they're RF instead of IR. So I found this forum, bought a Flirc, and now all is well. Thanks again.
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