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  1. It detects the Flirc. i dont see any message saying it upgrade the Flirc though. Situation is, I plug Flirc to my Raspi (OpenElec 4.2.1)... use my Harmony with the Flirc XBMC Profile on it. I can use the Flirc using the remote. Watch the movie a few minutes, then try to use the remote again, Flirc not responding. Sometimes I try to plug out the Flirc, and plug it back to the Raspi, remote & Flirc working OK. But sometimes it will not work, so i need to reboot the Raspi again.
  2. the GUI detect the flirc, anyway which GUI you are talking about? the Flirc GUI right? I already upgraded the GUI to firmware 3.0. anyway I am using RasPI model B+.
  3. I have a Harmony 700 remote and Flirc on my Raspi. Through myharmony i already select Flirc XBMC profile.... Now, the issue is; for the first few minutes I can use the remote. after that, the remote cannot be used to control the my Raspi anymore. Sometimes I need to plug out the Flirc and in again, then it will work for a few more minutes. Anyway I already used a better Power Adaptor for my Raspi, bought it from modmypi. Do anyone have this issue??? Will wait for response before I start testing using the TV Profile. Any help will be appreciated.
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