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  1. I just added Flirc XBMC device to my Logitech Harmony Touch remote. There is one important function not working correctly. Aspect Ratio, your Harmony profile sends w. It should send z instead. http://wiki.xbmc.org./?title=Keyboard Could you please fix this?
  2. I am under Windows 8.1 x64. My Flirc had FW version 2.0 so I decided to upgrade. Now after upgrade if I run the software it crashes immediately. If I remove the USB dongle and run the flirc software it runs ok again. As soon as I connect the USB dongle, the software crashes immediately. So I read a little and checked device manager and I see flirc bootloader working so I guess the driver is installed correctly. I re-installed the software also and it still crashes when the USB dongle is connected. Please help.
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