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  1. For the moment I think that, at least for me, a numpad would sort my problems out. The ultimate thing would of course be to have the option to choose what keyboard layout you are using and map to it using the GUI. However I understand that it is a massive undertaking unless you can automate the GUI keyboard graphics somehow for the different layouts. One thing that might be something I would use is to be able to erase a key bind by simply clicking on the key on the GUI and then clicking the "erase" button. This would allow you to do things like "I dont want the "N" key to do anything now, so I will just blank it and the remote button mapped to it". I think that at the moment it's a little bit backwards as you first have to erase the mapped button from the remote and then click on the GUI key, and then rebind it. Now that I come to think of it, couldn't the be a "Remap" button in the GUI so that when you select a key on the GUI, "N", and press "Remap", it would automatically erase the previously mapped key and allow you to instantly map a new one. And a final thing that I came to think about now is that a toggle option that I definitely would use is some sort of "Quick remap" switch (checkbox) which would allow you to remap buttons faster by disabling the "This key is already mapped" warning, and instead just mapping the button to whatever key you selected, and at the same time erase the old mapping so you dont get duplicates. Sorry if I dragged on here, but I'm a professional product designer and these things tickle my fancy ;) You're doing great work with the Flirc and I'm really happy with the overall performance, iron out these kinks and it will be exceptional. Thanks, I think I will have to try this soon, would be great to get it working on a Swedish layout.
  2. I experienced an issue with erasing and recording the Volume Up/Down buttons for XBMC using a Logitech Harmony Smart. Flirc would not record the "+" key for me for VolUp. I managed to solve this by changing from my Swedish keyboard layout to the US layout which is pictured in the Flirc GUI. With the Swedish layout the Flirc GUI would not recognize key presses of "+" key, even though the recording was "successful". Needless to say this mandatory use of the US layout needs to be fixed for foreign users as I now have to be switching between Swedish/US layouts if I want to use other programs than XBMC on my HTPC. Also I do not understand why the GUI keyboard layout is without the numpad keys, as this would have fixed the problem in my case by using the "+" and "-" keys on the numpad. Hope something is done about this soon as Flirc in general is awesome.
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