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  1. i'm using my digital tv supplier remote which is pretty solid, it looks exactly like this one http://www.kansat.com.au/specifications/lyngbox_tech_specs.pdf
  2. hi jason, I've had the latest update and firmware 3.0 and it seems that the issue SOLVED, thanks!. I also noticed that the responsiveness is not as smooth, some keys enforce long click or few clicks to work, I've tried to clear the configuration and change the inter-key delay and it yet the same. the recorded keys doesn't stay locked - the massage 'button already exists' doesn't always appear and it just records again.
  3. hi, I have flirc for more than a year now (using version 0.96 at win7) connects to my TV IR remote without any problems. lately, about a month ago, I had random scrolling and clicking which at first I though has to be a keyboard/mice bug. after multiple checks I discovered the problem caused by flirc. I upgraded flirc to the latest version and the problem continues. THANKS!
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