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  1. +1 Seems both my flircs are bricked after upgrading the GUI to 1.2.2 and firmware to 2.3. That's what I get for doing them both at the same time hoping it would fix the ghost presses on both machines.. No longer work at all on my raspberry pi running xbian. On Win7x64 it keeps installing the wrong driver. I keep fixing with zadig. Sometimes see the firmware -16 -16. Immediately disconnects from GUI and disappears from device manager if I press a button on the remote. I managed get one flirc back to firmware 2.0 with GUI 1.0.6 but same problems. Still won't work on raspberry pi any more (that's the firmware version I was running previously). EDIT: OK they're not bricked. Installed software on another Win7x64 machine. Updated firmware, cleared and reloaded config. Both flircs working on that machine. Used system restore on original win7x64 machine. Uninstalled and reinstalled software. Both flircs working on this machine (my htpc). Neither flirc works on my raspberry pi running xbian. The flirc is the only input device I've used on the raspberry for the past 4 months and now I have no way to use it without getting this fixed or buying a different input device. I'll try putting a fresh image on the SD card in case the driver is hosed. If that don't work I guess I'll need to try to revert back to firmware 2.0. (via fw_1.0.bin) EDIT2: Decided to try again before wiping the SD card. Today flirc works again on my raspberry pi without changing a thing,
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