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  1. Just want to share an experience and send a "thank you". For months I had struggled with the reliability of the Flirc. Keypresses were often missed, it was difficult to move through XBMC lists, and RC macros involving Flirc were driving me crazy. I tried different "repeats", sensitivities, many recording iterations, etc, but I couldn't get it to a level of reliability that I wanted. At one point I discovered that this was more than likely due to the IR extender that I'm using. It's a pretty high-end one, but apparently even good ones can interfere slightly with the signal and timing. But I need the extender, so I lived with the reliability issues for months. Just because I was bored one night last week, I started thinking about this again and considered getting a USB extender cable instead of the IR extender. During my research on Flirc with long USB cables, I happened to stumble on a thread that mentioned how the algorithms have been redesigned in the new firmware (version 3.1). This piqued my interest again, so I installed the new firmware, recorded my buttons again and......wow, it's almost 100% reliable now even with the IR extender! Just wanted to mention this in case it benefits others. Great product, and thanks for continuing to make it better. Aaron
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