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  1. Received my Flirc yesterday and so I set this up last night, everything works great. I can map any button on the TV remote to whatever keystroke combination I want and then EventGhost picks up the keystrokes and causes XBMC to do what ever it is I mapped those keystrokes to. It took a bit of trial and error but I have even gotten the sleep/wake to work correctly, I use the Shutdown menu option within XBMC to cause the PC to go to sleep, then I can switch back to normal TV with the remote or else just put the TV on standby. I have then mapped the STB power button on the remote to cause the PC to 'wake up' and it resumes still within the XBMC Shutdown menu, exactly the same point that it was when I sent it to sleep, so I just hit the 'backup' button on the remote to close this and fall back into the main XBMC screen. This is a great combination and very flexible, I could even set this up so that I could control other apps (think iTunes or whatever) from the same remote control as EG will let me change what any remote button does through a bit of simple scripting.
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