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  1. evilestegg, Another way to handle this is by using XBMC's built-in 'keyboard.xml' file. This thread actually introduced me to the Vizio XRV1TV Remote Control. I liked it so much that I told my brother about it and he picked it up for me for Christmas. So, I initially setup EventGhost to control this remote similar to the way you mention in this thread. It has worked great for about a month but I don't really want to use EventGhost as it's just another piece of software running. There is also the bit about it being ONLY for Windows. As I'll be building some form of permanent XBMC machine this summer (OpenElec, Android, or Arch Linux + XBMC) I would really like to keep the same setup with the remote. Digging through some more of the forums this weekend and finally trying an almost perfect Flirc firmware version 1.2.0 (still can't seem to ERASE a key), I reprogrammed my Vizio remote and finally have all of the keys functioning. Just a note here: I save about twenty times when setting up my remote so I can go back to a previous save if needed. So XBMC has a 'keyboard.xml' file that you can customize for any setup. I delved into the specifics of this file and have created an incredible setup for myself that I'm going to share with you guys. As this is my first entry, I hope I can attach an image and a copy of my 'keyboard.xml' file along with my Flirc config file. Inside of the 'keyboard.xml' file is a listing of the webpages and all of the information required to create your own custom configurations. The image shows what the buttons are mapped to and what functions those buttons have within XBMC itself. If the buttons are not labeled specifically to do some other function, they function as the buttons image implies. Every button on this remote works using my Flirc config file. Sorry! I don't have this image posted on a webserver somewhere in order to make it visible. You'll have to actually click on it. Let me know what you guys think of this setup. keyboard.xml flirc_xbmc-vizio_xrv1tv.fcfg
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