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  1. I'm using the NETTOP Foxconn nT-A3500 (win7 x64) for my HTPC which has USB3.0 ports on the front of it. I installed its USB3.0 driver for Windows, installed Flirc 0.97 and when I insert the Flirc into the USB3.0 port it is recognized and driver loads as expected. The one issue I found was that I couldn't program it while plugged into the 3.0 port, the GUI just appears as though it's not connected. I switched it to a USB2.0 port and was able to use the GUI to program the device. When I was done I switched back to the USB3.0 port and it receives/processes the signals from the remote without issue. Obviously not a deal-breaker, but I wanted to make sure it was posted should others encounter the same issue.
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