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XBMC and Eye tv setup


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Ok guys, thanks received the usb receiver.

I have set it up using the minimalist setting, just confirming that the receiver works with the remote.

I think my requested setup is reasonably common.

I want to be able to:

  • Use XBMC and Eyetv extended menus.
  • Be able switch between them.
  • Be able to spare a key somewhere to set it up to for example a screen shot (shift command 3) or something..

Should I reconfigure this as a full keyboard to start with.

Thanks for your help!


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Hi again activate,

Probably the best way of doing it would be to change one program to have the same controls as the other (e.g. make XBMC controls the same as eyetv or vice versa)

Changing XBMC keyboard controls are discussed here:

Or if you're not comfortable doing it I don't mind helping and posting the result for other users to use.

Pleasant regards

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Thanks mate, I'll check it out. I have fiddled around with xbmc keymap before. Like you said, I think its a matter of maximising compatibility of the remote keys between the two apps. I am surprised no one has done it before. That way they could just post the cfg file. Anyway I 'll give this a shot. I think I'll start with the full keyboard and work my way through it.

I imagine that changing between the apps will require an applescript to quit xbmc and open eyetv and vice versa. This would need to be saved as an app with a keyboard shortcut. Is there another way of doing this with flirc. eg. Can one flirc key be used to issue 3 sequential commands.

On second thought, can you activatel another app via a keyboard shortcut whilst in one app, must be able to.

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I don't think you would required apple script. You could program one button on your remote to "apple key+q" that would close the program you were using. Then you could set a keyboard shortcut to open the app (e.g. for XBMC maybe: Ctrl+alt+x)

It would take a fair amount of effort as you would have to tell others what you had changed to what in XBMC, then post the keyboard.XML file so they could then figure out what button to map on the keyboard. (Because flirc GUI doesn't provide a way to make a preset).

But if you're up for creating a guide, I'll happily help. :)

And you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

No worries if you can't for whatever reason :)

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I would prefer to set two keys. Key 1 = Quit current app and Key 2= Swap between XBMC and Eyetv. I dont want the user to have to press two keys to switch. Maybe i ca define a system macro that performs two functions (eg. Cmd Q + Ctrl X) and assign it a keyboard shortcut. The advantage of applescript is that it can determine which app is running and open the other. I also want to try to implement Spaces and implement the cube effect to switch.

Happy to do a guide once I get this working like I want to. I'll need your help through this experimental process :)


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