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Faulty flirc?


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Hi there,

Yesterday I received my two flirc receivers and rhe case. The case is awesome and 1 flirc works perfectly, but I am having troubles with the other one. After the firmware upgrade, when trying to code my remote to the volume down button, it just wonts. It recognizes the try, but he wont accept the button. Tried it on Mac, Windows and linux. Tried with 3 different  remotes and everywhere theres the same problem. I am talking about the KODI controller. I even tried to bind it on the full keyboard controller and selected the "-" key and again, it just dont wants to work. The funny part is, on the kodi controller, when I bind my volume down key, after I press it, it recognizes it as the shutdown key... not sure why, but volume down = shutdown key. Always.

thanks for the feedback

Best Regards,

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Does the volume down work on the other Flirc? Have you tried saving the configuration on the good one and loading it on the one you have problem with?

What keyboard layout do you use in the system?

Hey mate, thank you for your response.

I tried to load the good config from the other flirc but still not working.

Keyboard layout is Croatian

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Are you testing the "good" Flirc in the same device where the "bad" one doesn't work properly?

As for the keyboard layout, unfortunately there's a known issue with layouts different than US QWERTY or compatible (for example, in Poland the most popular layout is "Polish - programmers" which is based on US QWERTY and only does few changes which doesn't affect Flirc). The issue comes from the way an USB HID devices work (and Flirc is basically an USB HID keyboard) and the fact, that the current software (Flirc GUI) doesn't support different layouts.

You need to change the way you record your keys. Look at your hardware keyboard you have connected to your computer. Find how to get the minus sign on it (which key or key combination you need to press to print "-"). Then open Flirc GUI, go to Controllers -> Full Keyboad, but instead of pressing a button in the GUI which has a minus symbol on it, press the same key or key combination you use on your hardware keyboard by the keys' position on it. So if on your hardware keyboard the minus sign is right next to the right shift, then in the GUI, to record the minus sign, you need to also press a key right next to the right shift (in GUI its "/" and "?" key). You need to do the same for other symbols that are not achieved in the same way as on the US QWERTY keyboard. There should be no problem with symbols which are the same as on the US QWERTY.

Sorry for the inconvenience. This eventually will be addressed in the software, but requires a total rewrite of the GUI to support different layouts.

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