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Please help - Flirc + Harmony + Intel NUC (Linux Mint) + Kodi


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Hey guys, 

I really need some help since I tried endless attemps to set this one thing up and just couldn't do it: power on the htpc. 

I use Linux Mint on a Intel Nuc (the one without IR) and a Flirc to control Kodi. How do I set it up to power on the Htpc from Power off mode? Is it possible? I tried different step-by-step guides but so far it never worked! 

Thanks in advance and best regards from Switerland! 

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You can keep your HTPC in a suspend mode. Either suspend to RAM (sleep) or suspend to disk. Any Flirc is able to wake your PC from suspend modes. It's up to you to set your OS to properly use suspend modes.

USB by default doesn't support turning the PC on from full shutdown (there are some exceptions but this depends on the manufacturer, I don't know if NUC supports this). Flirc-SE has additional connections (besides the USB) to the motherboard's power switch connector and is able to emulate pressing on the physical power button. That's why it is able to do this on any motherboard.

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Do you mean a guide on how to enable suspend/sleep in your OS? Or a guide on how to enable wake up using Flirc?

For new Flirc (the metal one) the wake is enabled by default and it should wake on any known remote key press (any key you've recorded in Flirc GUI).

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I mean a guide to bring these two processes together. Which steps are needed to configure mint to wake it up with flirc and what has to be done with the flirc so it fits the mint settings. I tried a lot and didn't manage to make it work. Wake it up with a specific key rather than with a random key would be the desired result. Best regards

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If the hardware itself supports waking by USB devices then it should work out of the box. The feature is also software controlled so OS also needs to properly configure the motherboard when going into suspend to allow waking from USB (this usually happens by default unless there's some incompatibility between operating system and the motherboard hardware).

You can test if the wake up function does work at all by connecting an USB keyboard and going to suspend mode. You should be able to wake your PC by pressing a key on the keyboard. If this doesn't work for you then Flirc also won't be able to do that. There may be an option in the BIOS/UEFI you need to enable.

If you are able to wake your PC using USB keyboard then it also should work with Flirc.

The old Flirc (the clear plastic one) may need some configuration. Open Flirc GUI and go to File menu and Advanced. Make sure that the Sleep Detection is checked. When it's checked then there are two modes of operation. By default Flirc will wake the PC upon pressing any remote key known to it (like I've mentioned in my previous post - this means any key that is recorded and recognised by Flirc). You can change that by going to Full Keyboard controller in Flirc GUI and recording the WAKE key. When the WAKE key is recorded, only that key will wake the PC.

At this moment, the new Flirc (the metal one) has wake function enabled by default and supports only waking up by any known key. The WAKE key feature is going to be implemented but I can't tell you any time frame when will that happen.

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