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Feasible? Control a Flirc on each of 2 Raspberry Pi3s in same room?


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I'm considering various options for having both Plex Home Theater (via RasPlex) and Kodi available in the same room to the same output through an a/v receiver. One way is to mess around with dual booting a single Raspberry Pi3 with a Flirc.

Another way is to have 2 Pi3s, each dedicated to a separate app. They would of course each have their own Flirc. I'd control them, like everything else, with a single Harmony One remote.

Is this 2 Raspberry approach feasible? That is, is it possible to have 1 Flirc respond to a set of commands which will be ignored by the other Flirc? I think maybe yes, if I can somehow associate a separate set of commands for each Flirc. Like maybe I could program the Harmony to associate the commands from some old remote I don't use (or at least don't use in the room with the Flircs) with one Flirc, and another old remote with the other Flirc.

Am I on the right path? Or maybe there's some way without having the old physical remotes?


Mark M




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You can just select some profile for a device you don't have at home and the just pair it (record its keys and map them to keyboard keys using Flirc GUI app). Most of remotes work. My best experience so far is with remotes using NEC family protocols. You can, for example, select some of the fairly recent LG or Samsung TV. For example, I'm using Samsung TV profile on my universal remote (not Harmony) because I have LG TV.

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Yes, that's right. You also could use one that is in another room, but it all depends on how far away they are. I've had Flirc connected to a PC in one room and the PC was connected to the TV in another room using an HDMI extender. Both rooms are next to each other (connected by a single door) and I was still able to control the PC sitting in front of the TV. Flirc is really very sensitive.

I'll always recommend using a profile for a device you don't physically have to minimize the chance of codes overlapping. There's always a chance that some buttons may overlap (even between different makers and models) but it's really, really small.

Also it's best to test different profiles and find out one that doesn't have any weird behaviors (no double clicks, working repeat when holding the remote button down etc) and allows you to use most or all buttons on the remote (some devices don't use as many buttons so profiles on remotes sometimes disable some buttons).

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I cannot get this to work.

I have recently changed some hardware which means a new ir blaster in my main living space.

Anyone using kodi and flircs in remote rooms is controlling the kodi in the front room also.

So, i tried 3 different devices on my harmony 650. (2 different brands of dvd player and the generic windows media centre device)

Each time i clear the flirc config and program it by pressing keys on the remote from the Flirc gui (ubuntu).

(Side note, programming play button on remote while Flirc was learning, made my ububtu media player start, even though config had been cleared)

In all cases, the main room flirc still responds to kodi keypresses in other rooms through the blaster. (It is through the blaster, as if i cover the blaster, there is no response from main kodi)

Is there a genuine way to clear config on the flirc? Is there a way to blacklist remote codes on a flirc?


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