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FLIRC with HPTC (Streacom case), TV (Samsung ES7000) and speaker system


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Hi all


I have a HTPC build in a Streacom FC8 Evo case (http://www.streacom.com/products/fc8-evo-fanless-chassis/). The HTPC serves content via HDMI to a Samsung UE46ES7005 (the Scandinavian version of the Samsung ES7000). No speaker system is yet included in the setup, but I plan on acquiring one and I plan for it.


Streacom sells a FLIRC module (http://www.streacom.com/products/flirc-se-adaptive-ir-receiver/) which can be mounted inside their cases and this module is able to power the PC on when it receives a certain IR signal (not sure what this signal is yet). It does being inserted into the ATX power on circuit (the two wires connecting pin 16 on the ATX 24-pin connector and ground).


The Streacom FLIRC module is how I heard about FLIRC. I came to their site to check out their other IR receiver+remote (http://www.streacom.com/products/irrc/) looking to make a CEC setup (having just learned about CEC from a friend).


So I would like to hear if it is possible to choose a remote (for use with FLIRC) which will allow me to control my HTPC (Streacoms custom power on function and XBMC/Kodi), my Samsung ES7000 (power on, volume, channels, menus etc.)? On top of this; do you think it is possible to find a speakerset / receiver+speakers which will also work with the same remote (power on, volume, choose input)?

In this thread  I was told that the most popular remote on this forum was the Logitech Harmony models. yawor also spoke highly of OneForAll Simple 4 remote ( URC-6440). Would either of those work for me?


A speaker system would most likely be connected to the HTPC using S/PDIF (RCA or Toslink). I suppose I have to pick a receiver featuring a remote in order to control them with a Harmony or OneForAll universal remote.


Thank you for your input!
/ Jonas










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I'm not really picky on remotes so I have the cheapest harmony remote (~£15). 

It allowed me to map the volume key to always go to my speakers rather than the tv, which is neat, others could probably do that.


Any how, the main reason i'm commenting is I thought you'd be interested in having a quick read of our zendesk knowledge base - particularly the "getting started with flirc" it should give you a great overview:


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Chris!: Thank you for replying.

It helped to read through some of those posts and thinking some more.


I think I'll go for one of the Logitech Harmony remote controls, or One For All Simple 4. I just have to decide whether the activity functionality offered by Harmony is worth it. The Harmon 350 offers only one profile, but all the other Harmony remotes look ridiculous with their touch screens (I don't want another tablet, I wanted a remote :P). 


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