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Feature Request: Wake with any button


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I currently use a button assigned to Flirc's "Wake key" which works fine. I would however prefer if just any key would perform the Wake without neeeding a dedicated Wake key. With minimalist remotes there often aren't any buttons left to assgin. Perhaps there could just be a Checkbox under Advanced "Use any key to Wake".

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I think that it would be better if the firmware would allow to assign the same remote code to wake and another key and just switch their function depending on power state. So if the PC is suspended or hibernated, then it is waked but when it is on, then should just send whatever is assigned to it.


And if switching function on power state is not an option then maybe a long press for wake up would be more viable option.

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What you suggest would work for me as well. I just thought that because most remotes I came across with their own udb dongles (acting as keyboards) wake with any key-press this maybe the simplest solution. Coding wise it could just mean that all buttons send the "wake-code" + their assigned key every time. Not sure if the overhead of constant wake signals would have any ill effect.

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