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Found 1 result

  1. I tried setting up my Flirc for the first time today. I want to use this with Windows Media Center (WMC), Windows 7. I can get the basic navigation working, but can't get the Pause, Stop, or Play button control to have any affect in WMC. I'm new to WMC as well, but assumed if I am playing an MP3 the remote would pause or stop what's playing. Is this a correct assumption? I tried multiple remotes, including 2 programmable remotes and one TV remote (LG from 2014 model which has DVD/VCR play, pause, stop, etc keys on it - TV is LB5600 model). My programmable remotes are a little old - a Marantz RC1400, and an old Philips PMDVR8. For years I've I had the Philips TV function mapped to codes from one of the earliest Sony HDTVs (about 12 years old), but I am unable to reprogram it without digging up old manuals. When I trained the Flirc with the LG or Philips (TV) remote, it registered Play, Pause, Stop, Rew/FWD key presses, but when I tried them in WMC via the Flirc only the basic navigation/select worked, and I couldn't stop/pause an MP3 once it was playing. I was able to program the Marantz RC1400 to a number of Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic TV codes and then tried to train the Flirc with the Marantz in TV mode (per other suggested threads here) but none of the Play/Stop/Pause etc keys even registered with the Flirc. I also programmed various VCR codes for Samsung, etc into the Marantz VCR mode and then the Flirc was able to recognize/train those key presses, but again when I tried the keys in WMC they were useless. I do not want to reprogram the Marantz DVD settings because it already matches my DVD player. I did have to 'double program' the Marantz navigation controls per helpful hints elsewhere on this forum, as it was only working with the second key press after training the Flirc with the Marantz in DVD or AMP mode. What am I doing wrong? I always cleared the Flirc codes/configuration before retraining it. I did get the 'FWD' or 'Next' mapping to work with a few of my attempts, but that's the only function even related to this category (Play, Stop, Pause, etc) that worked. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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